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Erste UnLimited Hauptversammlung 

The first general meeting was successfully held on November 26, 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, the project partners came together digitally and presented the results of the UnLimited project...

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UnLimited meets Li+Fluids

BGR is coordinating an interdisciplinary research network to develop the basis for a raw material strategy for lithium extraction from thermal water in Germany. The client of the "...

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UnLimted introduces itself: All essential information compact in the new project flyer

Read everything worth knowing about the investigations in the UnLimited project in the new flyer.

  • How are the lithium recovery rates and the sustainability in the management of the...
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Lithium extraction in Germany: NANO reports

In its TV report of Sept. 10, 2021, the 3sat science magazine NANO reports on the possibilities of lithium extraction in Germany. Of particular importance: lithium extraction from hot deep waters...

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UnLimited at the German Geothermal Congress GGC 2021

On December 1, 2021, a session on geothermal lithium will take place at the GGC. In addition to several speakers, the UnLimited partners EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG and Hydrosion GmbH will...

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Register now for the next Blickpunkt Geothermie webinar

In the next Blickpunkt Geothermie webinar (in German) on August, 20th, 2021 Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb from KIT will give a presentation about the topic "Geothermalwasser als Metallressource: Beispiel...

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Webinar presentation available: “Lithium for batteries from geothermal waters in Germany – The joint UnLimited project”

On May 21th, 2021 Elif Kaymakci from EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG gave a presentation within the framework of the webinar on the topic of: “Lithium for batteries from geothermal...

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Summer Tour 2021: State Secretary for the Environment Baumann visits geothermal power plant in Bruchsal

On his Summer Tour 2021 this year, State Secretary for the Environment Andre Baumann is visiting exciting places and companies in the state where climate and flood protection and the energy...

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Exploring the source of lithium in the URG geothermal brines

The origin of lithium in deep geothermal waters in Germany is largely unknown to date but is an important variable in the sustainable yield of the resource. To minimize this gap of information,...

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Isotope analyses: A useful tool for the identification of lithium sources

The investigation of specific isotope systems represents an important tool in clarifying the origin of lithium in the hot deep waters in Germany. Especially, isotopes of strontium, lithium, and...

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Modeling the release processes of lithium in the subsurface

A team of modelers at University of Göttingen is currently working on the development of a suitable flow and transport model of a multi-porous and multi-scale fractured reservoir. This kind of...

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Resources and Reserves: What are the differences?

Resources are deposits that cannot be operated at a given time from an economic and technical point of view. Usually, resources are classified in three groups depending on the geological state of...

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Research on global lithium production

The lithium market situation and current technological developments - such as developments in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries or technical alternatives in a post-lithium phase are being...

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Save the date: UnLimited in Focus on Geothermal

This week’s webinar by will present a presentation by Elif Kaymakci of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG titled: “Lithium for batteries from geothermal waters...

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First design of a prototype for lithium recovery

Based on the nominal lithium production rate in the produced geothermal brines in Bruchsal a first set of lithium extraction chambers has been designed for the planned lithium extraction bypass....

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Assessment of the sustainability of the lithium yield from the geothermal brine at the Bruchsal site

In order to quantify the fluid residence times in the reservoir under the production-relevant flow regimes, a tracer test will be conducted at the Bruchsal site. 'Spike' slug injection and '...

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Testing of lithium-selective sorbents on a lab-scale

Based on literature study and laboratory experiments, KIT-team determines a potentially suitable Mn-oxide sorbent for direct lithium extraction from geothermal brines. The sorbent shows fast...

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Unlimited Newsletter: All project activities at a glance

The first issue of the UnLimited newsletter will be published shortly. As a subscriber, you will receive regular information about the current project progress and planned activities about lithium...

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3D process animation explaining the basic process of lithium recovery from geothermal waters

An animation about the lithium recovery process designed for the Bruchsal geothermal site was created by EnBW. The video depicts a faithful reproduction of the site conditions at Bruchsal and in a...

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Over ten years in operation - experience with the Bruchsal geothermal plant

On March 5th, 2021 Dr Thomas Kölbel of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG gave a presentation on the Bruchsal geothermal plant, which was initially envisioned as a research facility but...

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Deep water analysis should provide information about the origin of lithium

Today, the first sampling takes place at the geothermal plant in Bruchsal as part of the UnLimited project. For this purpose, HYDROSION uses cooled samples, gas as well as water samples under...

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